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Homemade Foundation Primer

As part of my own natural beauty efforts, I have been using only all-natural makeup. This is great, but it does present some issues with my daily routine – namely how do I make the makeup last all day and look as “polished” as when I am using the chemical-loaded products. I have fo...

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Spring Trends for Soap Scents: My Favorite Spring Scents for Soap

This season, I feel invigorated and inspired to shake things up and offer an entirely new line of soap scents. Based on current Spring trends in fashion, home decor, and fragrances, I have tried out a few new combinations to create unique scents, and I am going to share with you my favorites! I...

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Base Soap Recipe

I was abut to write a blog post on my favorite new scent ideas for Spring, but I wanted to link to a “base” soap recipe to make it easier…and then realized I have no base recipe on the site! Obviously a bad oversight on a blog intended to help beginners. Sorry! So, here is the much...

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3 Ways to Wear Mineral Makeup on Dry Skin

As we get older, or the weather and air quality start to wreak havoc on our skin, it is natural for it to become a bit tired and dry. Of course, there are many tips for keeping your skin moisturized, but some days your skin is simply not having it. To make matters worse, mineral makeup can make dry...

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How to Make Your Own Mineral Makeup: My Experience

As part of my “natural beauty” goal, I have transferred 100% to mineral foundation. What I love about it is that it provides easy, even, and light coverage – I hate feeling weighed down by my makeup and it takes about 2 minutes or less to apply! What I hate about it is all of the d...

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Top 3 Homemade Toner Recipes – With Less Than 3 Ingredients!

Recently, I decided to go to Northern Utah to visit family and friends for three weeks. Now, I used to live in this area, so I knew about the extremely dry air and hard water. With my recent boycott of traditional soaps on my face, my skin has been glowing, smooth, and happy without doing anything f...

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